BMW Smash Repairs | Specialist BMW Collision Body Shop Repairer.

If you’re searching for a BMW body shop repairer, you’ve landed on the right page. Boutique Auto Body is your prestige collision service specialising in BMW smash repairs.

Our expert paint refinishes and panel technicians have the highest level collision repair training in the country. In addition, they’re highly trained in BMW repair procedures.

So, as your specialist BMW collision body shop repairer, you are assured each part, panel and repair procedures are the same, approved methods from the BMW factory.

Most BMW models require special tooling and equipment to be repaired correctly. And our BMW approved body repair techniques allows us to restore your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

As a result, your BMW will be restored back precisely as it was from the factory,  achieving a finish with truly undetectable repairs.

Here's Why Boutique Auto Body is The Best In BMW Smash Repairs.

Our BMW body shop repairers only uses 100% genuine parts and the latest approved BMW repair techniques. As a result, your BMW maintains its original Euro NCAP safety rating.

Boutique Auto Body’s expertly trained staff ensures all body alignment points on your BMW are lined up to the original factory standard of 0.05mm.

As a result, your BMW is repaired and aligned to original assembly line accuracy.

Being a specialist in BMW smash repairs, you can be assured our body shop technicians have thorough understanding of BMW systems and technology. This includes using diagnostic systems which determines the extent of damage before repairs take place.

This assures the correct repairs and procedures are determined, planned and executed to achieve a truly undetectable repair. The original safety and quality of your BMW is never compromised.

With the right parts, people and equipment, you can be certain your BMW smash repair will return your vehicle to its original condition.

Specialist in BMW Body Shop Repairs Is Your Guarantee Of Quality.

Our Body Shop BMW Smash Repairers Are I-Car Gold Certified.

The BMW body shop repair staff are I-Car Gold Class certified. This means we have the highest recognised smash repair accreditation in Australia.We're one of only 12 body shops in Victoria to be approved as Gold Class.This means, at our body shop, your BMW is repaired to the highest standard, with the latest technology and industry approved techniques.

Boutique Auto Body is an A-GRADE VACC Certified Body Shop Repairer.

Our BMW Smash Repair staff meet and exceed the VACC certification criteria. This assures all equipment standards, training and customer care standards are met.These high-level standards are continually audited to ensure Boutique Auto Body maintains this high standard.

Specialist Paint Refinish & Panel Technicians For All BMW Smash Repairs.

Our paint and panel technicians staff regularly keep up to date with prestige vehicle manufacturer training programs.This ensures all BMW smash repairs are performed according to manufacturer approved repair techniques.As a result, all our BMW auto body repairs maintain the strict Euro NCAP safety rating. This ensures the confidence and peace of mind that your BMW will be repaired correctly, just as it came from the factory.

We repair all BMW makes and models.

As your specialist BMW auto body repairer, we have all the necessary tooling and equipment to perform BMW smash repairs to any make and model. And we do this with the approved manufacturer specifications and procedures. As a result, your car is delivered back to its pre-accident condition.

No Shortcuts With Our BMW Auto Body Repairs.

As your specialist BMW smash repairer and panel beater, we always ensure the original safety and quality of your vehicle is not compromised.Our alignment tolerances are within 0.05mm, and we use specialised laser systems to check correct spaces for door, bonnet and bootlid openings, just like from the factory.Special diagnostic equipment is also used to return your suspension to BMW exacting factory tolerances. This ensures your BMW maintains its 'Ultimate Driving Machine' status.

100% Genuine Parts and Panels From Reputable BMW Dealerships.

We only use 100% genuine BMW components. All vehicle parts and panels are sourced from authorised BMW dealers. This ensures your car is repaired just as BMW intended and drives, feels and performs the same, as if nothing happened.

Undetectable Repairs, With Your BMW Restored To Its Pre-Accident Condition.

One of the reasons why we're preferred in BMW smash repairs, is because our service keeps delivering truly undetectable repairs.Our BMW auto body repairs are thorough, with no shortcuts. This is one of the reasons why our customers choose us as their BMW recommended repairer.

BMW Smash Repair Repair Warranty.

You can be confident our BMW auto body repair are the best in the country. We warranty our repair services, including all parts and components used on your BMW.

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